Suzuki Morihisa

Suzuki Morihisa Paper Knife

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Each Knife is handmade.
Please feel the smooth shape of Nambu Cast Iron.

Nambu Ironware is famous for Kettle. Now Suzuki Morihisa brought a new wave to Nambu.

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  • Size: Approximately H 6.5" x W 1" 
  • Material: Mambu Cast Iron
  • Made in Morioka, Iwate Japan
  • Each Product is Hand Made

Nambu ironware is said to have started around the middle of the 17th century, when the Nambu family, who were ruling the current northern part of Iwate prefecture, built Morioka castle and invited imoji and kamashi artisans from places such as Kyoto to have them make Buddhist altar articles, armor, and tea ceremony kettles as part of their plan to revitalize the city and promote cultural activities. With the rich natural resources of the land and the support of the domain leaders, Nambu ironware soon became the local specialty of the area. It came to be cherished as a gift to feudal lords.