Moeco – cufflinks


The Absolute Computed Art

A boy at his father’s business.
He had been *moe-ing while looking at the consistent symmetrical pattern and screen printing covering on PCB.
*moe is emotion from something that makes your heart skip a beat.
If he held up the PCB to the light, he could see another world that took him far away.

He believed the magic of the semiconductor and electronic parts on the PCB opened new opportunities to continue the growth of new technology.

Time passed, the boy became a man.
He inherited his father’s business has faced the PCB every day.
“What is the only thing I can do? What is the only thing my company can do? What can we offer that is worthwhile?”
He brought back his childhood memory.
“ ………. The PCB is the absolute computed Art !” a

Moe is our core competence
The renewed sense of worth to the PCB. At moeco, our new core competence is exemplified moe.