Sarakichi - Tomita Some Kogei

SARAKICHI is a new fashion brand from Tomita Somé-Kogei, Tokyo, Japan. Tomita Somé-Kogei has been operating a traditional Japanese technique upon dyeing garment of kimono for more than 200 years.  SARAKICHI  produces scarves, pocket cheifs, ties, using with an exactly the same dyeing method as an old time but with contemporary touch in its design. They often collabotate with designers nationally and internarionally. Their aim is to create a new perception towards ’a tradition’ and transform ‘an old traditional style’ to something novel. These products are produced carefully all by hand and the quality is promised. Each item is absolutely unique and original.

In recent years, many products have been introduced at international media and trade shows. Tomita Somé-Kogei wishes to impart SARAKICHI products and this fine and delicate Japanese traditional technique to people, domestically and internationally.