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Oni-Baba "Yokai" Lapel Pins - Ancient Japanese Yokai ( Japanese Ghost)

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Oni Baba Lapel Pins

Oni Baba
In the area of today's Asagigahara, near Hana-kawado in Asakusa, there used to live oni-baba(hag) who would kill and steal from the travelers.

One day, by accident, she killed her own daughter. At that moment, she realized the graveness of her sin, and feeling remorse, she drowned herself in a pond.

A monument stands, to this day, where the pond used to be located

Tokyo Shippo ( Tokyo Cloisonne) made Yokai Pins series, Design by Yokai Designer Yukio Amano.

Wear your Yokai Pins by Tokyo Shippo. They also are perfect gifts for groomsmen, friends, and husbands!

These Pins are hand made in Japan from high-quality sturdy rhodium. The pins will come in a beautiful official box.

  • Size: Approximately 1 inch x 1.25 inch
  • Material: Tin alloy / Brass / Plating process / Epoxy resin .
  • Color: Silver, Blue, Yellow.
  • Model: spo005.