Born in Factory

Stateliness of piston heads. Gracefulness of air-cooling fins. Fragility of delayers.
Tension of wrought blades. Orderliness of mechanics tools. And so on…
Somehow the solid substantiality never ceases to have a grip on the heart of us men.
In synch with today’s world, NOC cufflink is a product that tries to capture the solid comfort at the wrist level.
In a corner of the factory each base and head are precision-cut from a metal mass.

The standard three metals for the head: stainless steel, brass, and copper.
They either shine more brightly with each use or accrue certain rustic sheen with time.
Each time you look, each time you touch and put it on, you realize it has grown on you more.
The material defines NOC.
More offerings are to follow through the future collaboration with the creative minds from diverse fields.
Metal, glass, stone, and wood.
In play with the boyish heart of men, NOC further distills itself down to the essence of NOC.

So gentlemen, which offer best suits your desire?