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Edo Kiriko Cufflinks by Horiguchi Glass

The Beautiful Jewel-like cut glass "EDO KIRIKO". Edo kiriko is one of the Japanese original art crafts made by glass. These Cufflinks are hand made in Japan from using Edo Kiriko Glass and high-quality sturdy rhodium. The cufflinks will come in a beautiful wooden cufflink box.

  • Size: Approximately 0.55" diameter x H 1" inch.
  • Material: Crystal Glass / Rhodium Brass
  • Color: Pink
  • Model: hgek0717

Edo Kiriko is a glass craft that has been handed down in Tokyo. In Edo (present-day Tokyo) in 1824, Kyubei Kagaya started exploring the technique of cutting patterns into the surface of the glass.

Edo Kiriko was fostered in the urban culture among the townspeople, and during the Meiji era (mid-19th century), the craft introduced not only Western equipment and instruments but also their technique while preserving traditional techniques and has been passed down to the present time.

In 1985 Edo Kiriko was designated a Traditional Craft Industry by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

To qualify as a Traditional Craft Industry, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government stipulates that the main process of manufacture must require the expert manual skills, the history of the techniques used must date back at least a century, and the craft must use traditional materials.